Today, I am drawing a blank, with no 'thought' to post,
so I have resorted to


Hope you like it...............

Have a great day!


bp said...

I love it! I saw the word "clip art" and thought it was like showing for a graphic that hadn't loaded.

Cathryn said...

Very lovely Susan. One of my favorites ~ colored paper clips. Blessings - Cathryn

Susan B said...

Love the pictures! Some people are so creative. Thanks, Susan.

Marsha said...

You absolutely crack me up!

Marsha said...

PS - I bought my One Year Chronological Bible today :)
Actually, the excessive, complusive came out in me at LifeWay - I bought the paper back in NIV. Then I bought a compact Daily Reading Chronological Bible complete with devotionals (also in NIV - now I wish I had bought the NLT because I've never tried that translation). And then I also got the Chronological Study Bible in NKJV - just incase I decide to study the text closer.

What can I say - they were all on sale AND I had a 30% off coupon so it was a good deal.

See you Sunday.