If you haven't figured it out already, I LOVE chipmunks! Our yard is the playground for many of these adorable little creatures!
I just had to share this card my daughter, Jami sent me. She manages to find a 'Chipmunk card' for all occasions! Isn't it cute? Hope the little guy doesn't try to take a bite out of that acorn!

The small pic of a chipmunk swinging on a red ornament over in the right margin was pictured on the back side of the card. I almost missed it!


Susan B said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for your kind comments. I have enjoyed visiting your blog, and will return again! Cute chipmunk!

bp said...

I have noticed your love of chipmunks. This one is very cute! I bet I start noticing chipmunks now since you said that about getting cards with chipmunks. I have a friend who likes hummingbirds so I always notice those now.

Redeemed By His Love said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and please come back!
I love chipmunks! When I was a teenager, I had one eat out of my hand. It was great! I use to live in NC when I was a little girl.
I was looking at some of your blog posts and saw a Hungarian one. Are you Hungarian? Someone very dear to me has relatives that are.
Miriam <><

susansspace said...

Hi, Miriam,
My husband's father was Hungarian.
He has made 3 trips to Slovakia & Hungary recently to meet relatives there & is attempting to put the family history together (thus, the Hungarian blog). Our daughter is currently in 2nd year studying Hungarian. It is not an easy language to learn!
Where in NC did you live? We are in Murphy.

Marsha said...

So, do you have "Chip and Dale" furniture? ;)

Redeemed By His Love said...

I use to live in Greensboro. Is that anywhere near Murphy?
My husband's family was of Hungarian descent. The one person who could have possibly helped with the family history died a few years back. We have bits and pieces of his history.
How cool that your daughter is learning Hungarian; not an easy task!

susansspace said...

Hi, again, Miriam,
Greensboro is in the center of the state; Murphy is located in the far left (eastern) corner, near TN, & GA. We love it here!