We're back from Florida!

It was a wonderful trip!

I was able to spend a few days with my mother while Bill attended his 50th HS reunion.

We also got to visit with our children & grandchildren.
Then we enjoyed several days at Cocoa Beach. What fun!
Thanks, Jeff & Lisa, for the use of the condo!!


Have a Great Day!


We're off to Florida again.

We'll be visiting family, and may even spend a few

days at the beach, if the weather cooperates.

I'm looking forward to meeting Laurie,

one of my Flickr contacts who also does mosaics.

I may post occasionally as time permits.

If not, will return in a week or two.

Enjoy the rest of August,



Don't you just love this sweet picture?


Hope your Sunday is blessed!



That can't be right!

Hmmm! At least someone's holding the ladder steady!

You hold it while I whack it with this hammer.

A new OSHA approved substitute for ladders.

Ropes are for sissies!

All I want to know is "HOW?"

Now, I want to know "WHY?"

Isn't this a violation of the seatbelt laws?

Should he be wearing a life jacket?

Wonder what he makes an hour?
.....It can't be enough!

Who needs a truck?

Oh yeah, that's smart!

It starts at a young age, and just gets worse.

Maybe he couldn't see the big yellow sign that said

Don't worry! I strapped it down!

Hey, he has a special license to drive that truck!


Here's a hand to the folks who have courage
To do what they know to be right;
When they enter the way of temptation,
They have a hard battle to fight.
They strive aginst self and their comrades
And SELF is a powerful foe.
All honor to them when they conquer.
A cheer for the folks who say "No!"

There's many a battle fought daily
The world knows nothing about;
There's many a brave Christian soldier
Whose strength puts a legion to rout.
And folks who fight sin singlehanded
Are more of a hero, I say,
Than those who lead armies to battle
And conquer by arms in the fray.

Child of God, be STRONG when you're tempted,
Yield not to the lusts of the world
Stand firm in the power of Jesus
Go forth with His banners unfurled.
"The right!" be your battle cry ever
In waging the warfare of life,
And God, who knows who are His heroes,
Will give you the strength for the fight.

'Heroes' by Phoebe Cary

(1850 portrait of Phoebe Cary)


Don't you just love the book of Proverbs? This verse comes from Chapter 9...a very interesting chapter. I hope you'll take a few moments today and read the whole chapter. It tells us that Wisdom and Folly both are issuing us an invitation to their 'house'.
The rest of verse 10 says: 'and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.'
A similar verse is found in 1:7:
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and discipline.
As a matter of fact, the theme of the entire book of Proverbs is the fear of the Lord.
The footnote in the NIV describes fear of the Lord as 'a loving reverence for God that includes submission to His lordship and to the command of His word.'
Proverbs is considered wisdom literature. Many direct comparisons are made...a positive and a negative, as it seeks to drive home truth and to turn sinners from their wicked ways.
I hope your week will be filled afresh and anew with an awareness of the great
and awesome God we serve!