This new background and header really make me smile! I'm reminded of what fun it was, as a child, to cut out paper snowflakes. Fold and fold and fold, then cut, cut, cut.....It was always such a surprise to see it all opened up.

I've been sick since the day after Christmas (what a birthday, huh?), but think the cloud is lifting, finally.
Hope to be back to blogging and catching up on your blogs this week.

In the meantime, here's wishing you all a Happy New Year & a terrific 2010!


For to us a child is born,
to us a Son is given,
And the government
will be on His shoulders.
And He will be called
Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

Christmas Glitter Graphics


Today's post is on my other blog, 'JUST CHRISTMAS', so click on the link below, and be sure to enjoy the music while you're there........


Hi, ya'll! Today, I'm all dressed up in my cute little Santa suit,

ready to show you some of the other ornaments that I have to share this super-skinny Christmas tree with. First of all, here's the tree.....

Every tree needs a spider web with a golden spider, don't you think....

This Silvestri birdcage ornament has been around for a long, long time...

Butterflies, butterflies ...There must be a dozen of these..... Hey, do you see my friend, the cardinal sitting on a giant mushroom over behind the butterfly?
We mice tolerate chipmunks pretty well. (Just wish there weren't so many of them. They're everywhere around here!) This one was a gift from Ms. Mary.

Cute little satin jester doll. She's a sweetie!.............

Yea! Another mouse!! (This cutie was made by Ms. Susan's mother).

Little wooden angel in a glass bell..Think I saw several of these....

Wow! This is a pretty angel!.............

This special little ornament plays 'Silent Night'.............
And, here's the sheet music, if you'd like to sing along........

I'm told that this was a gift from the director of children's choirs the year they presented the Christmas musical, 'The Joy of Jesus''...................

Well, there are alot more ornaments we could talk about, but I'm off to check out that little mouse on the other side of the tree, so.........
"Bye-bye for now", & "Hope you have a Merry Christmas!"


Today, I'm inviting you into my home to see a few of
our Christmas decorations.

First, here's an angel in a bell cloche...........
(Do you recognize this plaid ribbon, Mary?) S: )

These carolers grace the top of the china cabinet every year. That's the only
place I've found where they're safe from getting knocked over.....

The little bears standing beside the snow house were painted by my daughter, Jami.
Don't you just love the expression on the face of the one in polka-dot pajamas?

Now, we move from the dining room into the kitchen. This arrangement is on the top shelf above the stove. Yes, you guessed it! That's chipmunks over on the left side...

This whimsical skinny Santa has found a resting place inside a tea cup. (The mosaic plaque was one of this past year's projects).

'NOEL' sign on shelf above dry sink....

I've enjoyed putting out this ceramic of Mary & Joseph for many years. It was a gift from (& painted by) a special friend.

Ornaments we purchased 45 years ago for our very first Christmas tree...

A little plate & stand was a long ago gift from a piano student..........

Something was missing on this hearth angel, so I added a 'parchment' scroll to the horn.....

This photo of the Nativity was taken at night with only the Christmas tree and mirror lights on. The set was purchased in the 70's from a friend who did ceramics, and it has always been front and center on the living room mantel every Christmas.

Today, I've highlighted only a few of the decorations.
Tomorrow, the tree...............


The ABC's of Christmas

A is for Angels
With halos so bright
Whose carols were heard
On that first Christmas Night.

B is for Bells
So merrily ringing
Joy to the world
Is the message they're bringing.

C is for Candles
That so brightly shine
To give a warm welcome
To your friends and mine.

D is for Doorway
With garlands of green
To make Christmas merry
As far as they're seen.

E is for Evergreens
With fragrance so rare
So plentiful at Christmas
Their scent fills the air.

F is for Fun
The whole season long
From trimming the tree
To singing a song.

G is for Greetings
A merry "hello"
With a heart full of love
For people we know.

H is for Holly
With berries so red
To make into wreaths
To hang overhead.

I is for Ice
On snow covered hills
Where sledding is fun
Along with the spills.

J is for Jesus
The Christ child so dear
We honor his birth
On Christmas each year.

K is for Kris Kringle
So merrily he stands
He is who they call Santa
In so many lands.

L is for Lanterns
I am sure that their light
Helped Mary and Joseph
That first Christmas Night.

M is for Mary
Her heart full of love
For her little son Jesus
Who came from above.

N is for Noel
The angels did sing
To herald the birth
of Jesus, our King.

O is for Ornaments
So shining and bright
With lights on the tree
To sparkle at night.

P is for Packages
With ribbons so gay
All 'round the tree
For our Christmas Day.

Q is for Quiet
Christmas Eve Night
With snow covered hills
Glistening so bright.

R is for Reindeer
Who pull Santa's sleigh
To your house, to my house
They know the way.

S is for Shepherds
Who first saw the star
Over Bethlehem's manger
And followed it far.

T is for Trees
We decorate so gay
Then wait for ole Santa
To hurry our way.

U is for Universe
Where Christmas brings joy
To all in the world
To each girl and each boy.

V is for Visiting
Friends near and far
We travel by plane
Or by bus, or by car.

W is for Wise Men
Who brought gifts so rare
And knelt down and worshiped
The child they found there.

X is for X-mas
Or Christmas by full name
No matter the language
It all means the same.

Y is for Yule Logs
Whose bright sparks fly high
To give a warm welcome
To friends passing by.

Z is for Zeal
We show at this time
In giving to others
And loving mankind.

Author Unknown


Government-controlled Healthcare......

....a Free Ride??


I'll bet

this fish

he was
a free ride,


Have you ever purchased paperwhite bulbs at Christmas time? If you want flowers for Christmas, you have to start the bulbs about six weeks before.
No need to plant, just place in a dish with water and rocks.

It's amazing to watch those ugly brown bulbs begin to
sprout, then one by one, green stalks emerge; and before long, they're a mass of beautiful little white
flowers topping off the long green stems.


In the bulb there is a flower;
in the seed, an apple tree;
in cocoons, a hidden promise;
butterflies will soon be free!

In the cold and snow of winter
there's a spring that waits to be,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

There's a song in every silence,
seeking word and melody;
there's a dawn in every darkness,
bringing hope to you and me.

From the past will come the future;
what it holds, a mystery,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

In our end is our beginning;
in our time, infinity;
in our doubt there is believing;
in our life, eternity.

In our death, a resurrection;
at the last, a victory,
unrevealed until its season,
something God alone can see.

Words and music by Natalie Sleeth

And we, who with unveiled faces
all reflect the Lord's glory,
are being transformed into His
likeness with ever-increasing glory,
which comes from the Lord,
who is the Spirit. 2 Cor. 3:18


Do you grab the remote & hit the 'Mute' button when a commercial comes on?
(That's what I do most of the time!)
There are very few worth watching, but these two are the exception!

Here are my two favorites!...............
(Be sure to click center circle on the Playlist first).


Have you started writing your Christmas letter (or cards) yet?
Or do you procrastinate like I do, then rush, rush, rush?
Many have given up this tradition altogether citing the cost of postage,
just too busy, etc., etc....but, oh no! my cards WILL go out (eventually)!

Victorian Lady Writing a Letter
Gilian Marklew
Postcard from early 1900's
by C. V. Dwiggins (Dwig)