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We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

Girls at the Piano, 1892
Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Here are 12 candles for your cake....

Guess what!!
We hired a special musician
to play 'Happy Birthday' for you!
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And here is one of your favorite
youtube videos....

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Grandad & I wish you a super happy day!!

Looking forward to your next visit with us!



The blooms have now come and gone on our three tulip trees, but fortunately, we were able to enjoy them until they fell off on their late freezing temperatures to turn them brown overnight, as usually happens.

The wisteria hasn't bloomed for the past two or three years, due to late frost, so it has been so exciting to look out and see these beautiful blossoms once again!

This is the tree beside the pond. We have others, as well as many climbing vines, but their blooms are more scattered.

What are some spring flowers you have enjoyed around your house?


Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Soloist, Calvin Hunt
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I recently participated in a fun idea called 'Make Five', with fellow mosaic enthusiasts on Flickr.
It isn't a 'swap'. Once you join in with the Make Five group, you commit to make a handcrafted item for the first five people who sign up on your Flickr site; then, in turn, you can sign up to receive a gift from any five available participants. Simple, huh? It seemed like a great way to push myself to get the new year off to a good start and actually work with a deadline.

Then it hit me...."What in the world am I going to make FIVE of that I can complete in three months, & send through the mail (without having to put a mortgage on the house)?" LOL

My always-helpful hubby brought in a box of these long wooden triangles that he had out in his shop, & suggested I mosaic name plates.
Well, DECIDING what to do is always the biggest hurdle for me to get over, so from that point on, the project was fun. (Thanks, Bill!)

A few of the gals had mentioned colors they like, or their favorite hobbies, etc., which was helpful in planning.

These are the five name plates I made; which have all now been shipped out and received by their new owners.
One side has their first name...............

and the other side has their 'Flickr name', using scrabble letters:

Well, if that wasn't fun enough,..............

here are two gifts from friends I had signed up with. I'm SO excited and thrilled with both of these !

The first one is a plaque featuring an adorable chipmunk eating a peanut. It was created by mosaic & stained glass artist Kathleen Stewart of Alpharetta, GA.

I named him 'Al', and he feels right at home here with my collection of chipmunks! (Along with the chipmunk plaque, Kathleen also included these little extra goodies!)

The second is a beautiful 4" x 4" abalone heart surrounded by pink/lavender iridescent glass. This creation is by Cynthia Monica, a mosaic artist who lives in Oregon.

She uses alot of abalone and other colorful shells in her mosaics.

Thank you, Kathleen & Cynthia!!! I love them both!!


Here are some pictures taken last week while Justin was visiting us. On Thursday, he and Bill went to a gem mine in Cleveland, Georgia.

Justin sluicing for gems..........

And showing off some of his treasures!
(How do you like those 'shadow pictures'?) LOL

On the way home, they stopped at a scenic overlook and took these pictures...

Isn't that a gorgeous view in the background?....

Justin took this picture of Bill (Grandad)....

Actually, they took a whole bunch of pictures, but my computer's not co-operating with loading them onto this post, but you get the idea...

I think they both had a really fun day!

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MySpace Comments


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For three days they thought they had made it. His quiet, unbroken strength (Almighty meekness) fanned their fury as they stood watching the heavy nails pierce His hands and feet, when the Roman soldiers secured Him to His cross. He was taking into His heart the very sin that motivated this. Their hearts and minds were blinded by that sin. The same dark, inner drive which prodded the first man and woman toward the forbidden tree to satisfy their desire to know as much as God knew. In the heart of each man who plotted His death, there twisted the tormentor whom God hated. He did not hate these murderers, He hated the disease that had made them murderers. As the God-Man hung above them, praying for them, He loved them with the kind of love that could have healed them on the spot!

"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." (Luke 23:34).

Down from His cross poured redemptive love in quantity enough for the whole human race.
Enough for you.
Enough for me.
Far from decreasing because of our behavior against Him, it seemed rather to increase. The same situation still exists today and will exist as long as the earth stands.

--Eugenia Price