Holiday update...One daughter safely back home in Florida after spending Christmas week with us. Other daughter and family here for this week, and
my grandaughter is staying in the room where my computer, desk, etc. are located, so blogging time is at a minimum.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!


Marsha said...

I'm sitting here sipping on my coffee and laughing hysterically at this cartoon!

Redeemed By His Love said...

Susan, I am glad you had a good Christmas!
Maxine is so funny! LOL!
Miriam :)

Susan B said...

I just love Maxine! She always makes me laugh! I'm glad you have a lovely Christmas and your daughter arrived home safely. Have a good week!

Cathryn said...

Maxine ~ too cute. I feel the same way about exercising but I don't drink coffee ~ fill that cup with pepsi! Love, Cathryn