JAMI: Boldog születés napot kivánok!

(Hope Dad's Hungarian is correct.
I know you'll tell us if it isn't!) Ha!

Lordy, Lordy,
Look Who's Forty!

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With lots of love from Mom & Dad

*If you're wondering about the song playing ('Laura'),
it's one that Tadela used to sing to you
when you were a baby. I couldn't find a good vocal
arrangement of it.


Anonymous said...

Have a great day, Love Dad

Jami said...

Köszönöm szépen Apuka! (Thank you Dad). I seem to have a busy day today but can relax tonight and open my gifts. I'm just glad you didn't post 40 pictures but the ones you picked I look okay in so I approve.

Anonymous said...

I'm Singing in Cyber Space ,
Happy Birthday to You , Happy Birthday To You , Happy Birthday Dear Jammie , Happy Birthday to you .
Hope you had a wonderful day full of fun .
Blessings , Mary

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Jami!!
Hope you have a great day!

(and Jeff)

Cathryn said...

Hey Susan ~ Um, I changed my background..... again..... I'm hopeless. :) Lord Bless ~ Cathryn