Here it is...the day after Thanksgiving....the biggest shopping day
of the year. Stores are opening earlier and earlier: 6 am; 5 am; 4 am.
Shoppers camp outside, waiting for the doors to open.
I understand one store is planning to open at 12:01 am! Yikes!

Perhaps you haven't even had time to make your list yet, and
you're wondering what in the world you're going to get that
'person who has EVERYTHING?'
Well, ponder no more. Here's an idea for the perfect Christmas gift
(& it's only $300!).


Cathryn said...

$300? I wish I had that extra on hand. Cause my shape could sure use the Wii. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Lord Bless, Cathryn

Anonymous said...

My kind of exercise . I love it .
Where do you find these things . I need to surf the web more .
Thank you Susan for such a fun exciting blog to read . I know you work hard and it shows .

Blessings , Mary