ALAN is "20" !! (11-25-08)

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Drum roll, please!
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Our grandson, Alan, turns 20 today.
Here's a look back in 20 pics:

Alan, the adorable

Alan, the basket case

Alan, the 'partner' (w/Grandad)

Alan, the driver

Alan, the firebug

Alan, incognito

Alan, in concert

Alan, the preppy kid

Alan, the hunter

Alan, sporting braces

Alan, the sharpshooter

Alan, the hustler

Alan, the birthday boy

Alan, the fisherman

Alan, the original

Alan, the high school senior

Alan, the graduate (w/Mom & Dad)

Alan...uh, I mean 'Sherlock Holmes'

Alan, college sophmore & the hog

Alan, off to the future...

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Happy 20th!

With lots & lots of love

from Grandad & Mimi
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, 'Big Al'!!
You're the greatest!

Cathryn said...

Too cute. Nice looking grandson! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Big Al your lucky, Mimi would not let me do the commenting. The lesson giver, hunting, shooting and fishing.

Jami said...

Happy Birthday Alan!

from your favorite Aunt!

bp said...

That's a nice way to honor your grandson! Hope he has a nice birthday.

Anonymous said...

Oh Alan If I were only 40 years younger !!!! OMGoodness He even has a HOG !! Love the TUX !!
Have a Very Happy Birthday .