Take a look at these lovely gifts and treasures sent by Elizabeth, Kato and Margit:
(How special and thoughtful of all of you!)

Pictured below are wonderful Szamos Marzipan from Budapest.
Would you believe there is actually a Marzipan Museum just outside of Budapest where many masterpieces of confectionery can be seen? (such as a fantastic model of their Parliament building). Bill brought home a hand-picked selection of these delicious goodies.

He also brought a box of Neuhaus chocolates. Yum! They're scrumptious!

Oh yes, and one more thing he brought.................


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan ,
How LUCKY You are . Chocolate for the Choco-holic. You can eat it all and not gain a pound .
Glad Bill got home safely . Love the clock addition .
About the Dirty Clothes ,
Along with the good comes the bad .......


Marsha said...

What wonderful treasures Bill brought home for you! I'm sure you were just so glad to have him home you didn't mind the dirty laundry at all.