This past Friday, we attended a postcard show in Atlanta. It's always alot of fun to look through boxes and boxes of postcards from various dealers. Below are pictured some of the 'finds'.

With our current crazy unpredictable economy, this card may be one we'll want to make several copies of & send out in lieu of gifts this year. Hmmmm...

Artist: Grace Wiederseim (and later, Grace Drayton), best known for the Campbell's Soup Kids, & early Dolly Dimples paper dolls.

A lovely old undivided-back postcard, printed in Germany. This card is unsigned, but attributed to renowned artist, Ellen Clapsaddle.

This is only one of a whole set of 'I wonder...'cards drawn by Phyllis Purser.

Another humorous example of Grace Wiederseim's work.

No info on this one, but an interesting verse....

'Over the Hills and Far Away!' A little girl who doesn't have a care in the world! You've got to love this card! Artist is Margaret Tarrant.

One last card, & it's by Mabel Lucie Attwell...ever the optimist!
Good advice!

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BP said...

A postcard show sounds fun. Thanks for sharing these!