WELCOME, September! After a long absence, it's time to get back to PLAY! I started to say 'work', but for me, mosaics is pure enjoyment. Already, I have at least six or seven new projects in mind.
It's also time to resume blogging. Daily posting is too restrictive for me, so the plan is to maintain random posting by titles, but hopefully it will work out to be something new almost every day.
ALSO, a new blog 'GALLERY' is in the works for posting photos of our crafts group's assorted art works. As soon as it's up and running, I'll add the link so you all can check it out.
My daughter, Jami, was here for the weekend, and helped install my new background and clock. I'm hoping to design my own header, but that's for another day.

By the way, your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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Marsha said...

Very nice look, Sue! I like it, I like it! I may have to get a clock, but I need to get rid of some other things on my sidebar first to make room for it!

I saw you chuckling there in the back row Sunday when "Hiding Place" didn't quite go as planned. Would you believe our fearless music leader and his wife had never heard the song before, so I'm just happy he was willing to even try the round thingie.