Our chipmunks have been so lazy this summer! We've only seen a few, but now, they are all over the yard. I had really missed having them running in and out of the back porch! A few of them will take peanuts out of my hand, & some climb up on my feet to get the peanuts. If I can ever remember to take the camera out with me, I'll try to take some pictures to share!

Even Maxine is getting ready for Fall.....

Yay! We stopped at the big Farmers' Market outside Atlanta yesterday afternoon, and I finally found a white pumpkin, and a few other interesting pumpkins & squash! Hopefully, they'll inspire me to get going on decorating the house for Fall!


Susan B said...

Yay for Autumn! I love Maxine! Looking forward to chipmunk pictures... :)

bp said...

That Maxine is funny!

Glad you found some pumpkins/squash. I saw some propped up under a neighbor's tree the other day. Glad Fall is coming!