On Labor Day weekend, Bill, Jeff & Alan took off on their bikes to ride the famous (or should I say 'infamous'!) 'Tail of the Dragon', near Robbinsville, NC. The first pic below shows only a very small portion of the many bikes that were there that weekend.

Here's Alan & Jeff in front of the Deal's Gap sign...

The picture below is of Alan & Bill in front of the 'Tree of Shame'.
Started some time in the 80's by a group of Harley riders, it is a makeshift shrine to those bitten by the Dragon, & is composed of parts left behind by riders who weren't as fortunate as those who have slain the dragon.
Many put their name, date, and a little saying on a part before they add it to the tree to immortalize their dance with the Dragon.

Bill & Alan & the 'Silver Fox'.

I'm happy to say that they had a safe trip.

It is not a place for novice (or foolish) riders!


For more information, check out:

Deal', or


Marsha said...

They THAT'S that silver cycle that ran me off the road that day! LOL Just kidding. I know that had a blast! I know I actually enjoy going back and forth to Knoxville on the Dragon....a lot of fun.

susansspace said...

Hi, Marsha! You should know all about this area, as it's over near your 'neck of the woods'! Lots & lots of winding curves. We drove that way to Maryville once, & it made me so dizzy! I was never so glad in all my life to finally get off that thing & onto a straighter road!!!
Hope your ladies' seminar this weekend went well! I'm sure they enjoyed having you as a speaker!