This is my first attempt at doing a photo mosaic, & what better subject than a mosaic of Mosaics?
These are the projects I completed this past year.

I didn't put a link to each item, but just click on the picture to enlarge.

Items L to R...

Top row: Oval silver tray, Wooden shoe, 'Under the Sea' mirror.

2nd row: 'Anytime is Coffee Time' Plaque. 'We have seen His star' ornament, Round silver tray

3rd row: Sling-back shoe, Large round table, Bakelite mirror

4th row: 'Vanilla Fields' plaque, Round silver plate, Turquoise box

The whole process of creating mosaics is such fun! The most difficult part for me is deciding what to do next, and actually getting started.

Two more works are currently in progress, but will have to be included on the next go-round.


bp said...

These are so pretty! Keep sharing them, I like to look at them!

God bless!
Stay warm, is it cold there??

susansspace said...

Thanks, Bethany!
Yes, it got up to 32 degrees today (Heat wave!) Ha! This a.m.'s temp. was 12! Supposed to have snow by the weekend. It's toasty warm in our house, though.

Susan B said...

Your mosaic is very pretty! Thank you for sharing it.

susansspace said...

Thank you, Susan! It's time now to get busy on some new projects. Hope to accomplish more in 2010!

Abounding Treasures said...

Not only is the mosaic lovely but the items you've created are just beautiful!!