LET IT SNOW.............

It snowed all day, yesterday. This is what our yard looks like, now........

All pics were taken from our front or back porch, so there are none of the house.Top photo is looking down our driveway.
This one below shows the side of the garage apartment....

The picture below is one of the areas where we feed the birds and chipmunks. The tree on the left was our in-house Christmas tree of 1989, which was later planted, and then re-planted.
The cardinals sitting on the branches flew away before the picture was snapped. S: (

Here's the back patio, another feeding area. The chipmunks love to sit on the roof of this bird-feeder house. It's a favorite 'lookout' station!

Don't these dogwood trees look like lace?.....a beautiful sight!
Today, it's melting away, but more snow is expected tonight.
I wouldn't want to live where it snows so much you have to shovel your way out, but these occasional snow days are a real treat for this (former) Florida gal!


Here's one more neat snow picture! My friend, Mary, sent me this shot of a group of deer that come into her back yard every afternoon. She puts out corn for them.


Susan B said...

Beautiful pictures Susan. I enjoyed the tour of your backyard. Like the picture of the deer too. Thank you for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Susan! Love the snowshots, but where are your little furry friends? These photos look very much like the ones I took in Canada--so amazing one can hardly find words to describe the beauty, right? Look on your email for some of my most recent favorites. See you guys in a couple of weeks, mol. xxxooo Toni

bp said...

Beautiful snow pictures! I love how it hangs on the trees and looks so peaceful.

susansspace said...

Thank you for your comments, Susan, Toni & Bethany!
It really was a beautiful sight!

Toni, The chipmunks don't show up much during the cold months. I miss them!
By the way, I loved your Canada snow pictures! You really caught the blustery look of the snow coming down!

Redeemed By His Love said...

Susan, your snow covered yard and trees are so pretty. Thank you for sharing them. It is wonderful to view to look out your window while you sip some coffee(or tea) and stay warm.
I love the occassional snow, but like you I wouldn't want to have to shovel it in order to go out each day.

Anonymous said...

What a Beautiful sight, Gods Country forsure