Here's our buddy, 'Woody' having a morning snack. Isn't he gorgeous? He also likes peanuts, and comes regularly to the hanging dish of peanuts on our front porch.
We have at least 3 types of woodpeckers in our yard. I haven't gotten a picture of the little Downy woodpeckers that are constantly eating the suet, but they are so cute!
There's also the huge and somewhat illusive Pileated woodpeckers. We only see them once in a while. They occasionally wander up near the porch, but are more commonly seen out in the woodsy section of our yard, pecking away at tree bark, looking for bugs.

What can I say? The critters around our house are really spoiled rotten! Well, I'd like to write more, but I'm off to the store to pick up another bag of black sunflower seed.....getting low on peanuts, too!


Susan B said...

A beautiful bird. How nice to have them coming into your yard.

Have a wonderful week!

bp said...

It is interesting to see how God made even the birds different in their looks and preferences! He is a great Creator! Glad you are enjoying them. Have a good week.

susansspace said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susan & Bethany!
Hope you're enjoying this new year, so far!

Redeemed By His Love said...

What a great picture of your little bird visitor.
I had one the other day on the ground of all things! We have bird feeders, but I put some on the ground for the doves(they are grazers) that come. I did not have my camera at the time.
We also had 50-75 Robins in our yard a few days ago. I was amazed and went for my camera; they left.
Have a great week,

Abounding Treasures said...

I just LOVE watching birds and their antics but this is one of the 1st years where we haven't filled our feeders for some unknown reason :o(


susansspace said...

We have quite a few doves now, too. They come and go throughout the year. No robins yet, though.

I'd never been much of a birdwatcher until we retired. They provide alot of entertainment!

susansspace said...

I forgot to mention that we're off to Florida tomorrow morning, so I'll be taking a short bloggy break until we return.

Have a wonderful 'rest of the week'!!

S: )