Most of you are aware that I collect Victorian era postcards, and feature them often on this blog. What you may not realize is that sometimes, the back of the card is more interesting than the front. This is one of those times.

This undated, unsigned handwritten prayer was on the back side of an old 'Happy New Year' postcard (from about 1910, or thereabouts). It caught my eye, and I wanted to share it with you:

If the printing is too small, here's what it says:

"A New Year Prayer
Our Father in Heaven, we pray for the redemption of the race. Wilt thou empower us for longer service. May the prospects of the wide wide world capture our aspirations and help us to covet the glorious office of harvester for the King. Give us a deeper sense of our stewardship and teach us how to exchange our money into redeemed lifes (lives). Grant us at each opening year the vision of some real service to Thee, by helping our fellow men. Send us to tasks with cheer, and at each day's close, wipe the stain of the world from our hearts and grant us sweet rest - for Jesus' sake. Amen."
What a missional heart! Don't you love the descriptive 'wipe the stain of the world from our hearts'?....and such a beautiful aspiration... 'help us to covet the glorious office of harvester for the King'.

I think I'll put this front and center on my bulletin board, instead of filing it in a postcard album.


bp said...

That's neat to read. I like the "send us to tasks with cheer."

Susan B said...

What a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing it.

I have a small collection of postcards from eary 1900's that belonged to my grandmother, and her family. I enjoy having them, because they remind me of my grandmother, who was very special to me.

Cathryn said...

An inspiring piece indeed. And, no, I reckon I didn't know you collected the post cards. What a treasure. Blessings Cathryn

Abounding Treasures said...

Wow! What a treasure to find written on the back of this postcard!