Meet a deer little handful called Rupert who was delivered by Caesarean section after his mother was killed by a car. (Above picture is Rupert in an incubator at five days old).
He is growing up without a mother's love. But this tiny muntjac fawn appears to be a survivor.

The little orphan was just 6" tall and weighed just over a pound at birth.

It looked like he, too, would face a tough fight for survival, but staff at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire believe 'Rupert', as he has been named, will make a full recovery after his dramatic arrival.
Did you ever see anything so adorable?


BP said...

Look at those little legs! That is amazing to see a baby like that up so close.

Marsha said...

Sadly, Rupert didn't make it:( I looked that up on the hospital's website - which is great by the way! I think it said he lived about 21 days. So sad. Poor baby.