Today, I'm thankful for the beautiful songs of birds. We've counted
almost twenty different species of birds in our yard over the past
few months. The little guy up above is an Eastern Bluebird.

At the present time, the Woodthrush takes the prize for the prettiest
song. We see them off and on all during the year, but they only sing
from April through July.
If you've ever read the 'Prayers of the Animals', you'll recognize this one.
It's from a collection which was translated from the French by Rumer Godden, many years ago.


Dear God,
I don't know how to pray by myself
very well,
but will you please
protect my little nest
from wind and rain?
Put a great deal of dew
on the flowers,
many seeds in my way.
Make Your blue very high,
Your branches lissom;
let your kind light stay
late in the sky,
and set my heart
brimming with such music
that I must sing, sing, sing...
please, Lord.

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Marsha said...

This was lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us. I don't think I'd ever seen the poem before. As as usually, the pictures are gorgeous.