I think the apostle Paul said this first.
Martha must've read her Bible!

Phil. 4:11-13. I hope Martha had read the best part; v.13:
'I can do all things through Him (Christ) who strengthens me.'


Susan B said...

Our pastor preached on this very thing this past Sunday. What a great quote. You're right, Paul did say it first! ;)

Have a great day!

bp said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I needed to read that today.

Your pins always make me smile, you find some of the most beautiful things!

Have a good day.

Phyllis Redding said...

We must be sisters! Or at least related! Most likely, Sisters in Christ! So, this is what a blog is! Interesting! I did not know. I appreciate your encouragement, your inspiration, and your inward beauty that so permeates this space - your blog! Western NC - ah, you are in a beautiful section of our state! I'm in King,NC and maybe not so far from you! - - - - I love your animal stories and your view of life! ~phyllis

susansspace said...

Thanks, Susan & Bethany! Hope you're both having a good week!
We've been in Fla., so I'm just now catching up on bloggy stuff.

Phyllis, so happy you stopped by!
Your sweet comment just made my day! How did you come across my blog? I'm wondering if we've met, as your name sounds so familiar!
Anyway, please stop back by anytime! God bless!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Hi Susan! Love the inspirational post.

Thanks so much for your sweet words and warm welcome back. Was lovely of you to watch for me! Makes my heart smile!

Enjoyed your post on your (almost) pet crow. They are very smart birds. For the past few months there has been this crows outside my window nearly each morning. He makes such a noise. I think he does it because he knows it annoys me lol! It always sounds like he's laughing when I shoo him away!

Enjoy your Sunday and hope you have a lovely week!