Crows are among the most intelligent of birds. Experiments indicate that American crows can count to three or four, are good at solving puzzles, have good memories, employ a diverse and behaviorally complex range of vocalizations and quickly learn to associate various noises and symbols with food.

This video is of two very unlikely friends!

This is unbelievable!
I'm not sure what country this is from, 
or what language the people are speaking,
but just watch the crow!
He has a small, round lid, &  is using it
to slide down the rooftop! 
So funny! 
Notice when he flies away, he takes his lid with him!

These photos are of our 'almost pet', Joe, the Crow.
He & his family are never far from our yard, &
come flying onto the driveway when we call.
Here he is on our back patio, while
I'm standing only a few feet away with the camera.

If he wants peanuts,
he sits on a branch outside my bay window,
or outside the kitchen window,
& waits until I see him.
Joe & his family have been regular members
of our yard menagerie for over three years.
Surprisingly, they are very compatable
with the many chipmunks we feed.
They even (quite vigorously!) chase hawks
from our yard, much to our delight!

We love the crows!

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Anonymous said...

Great videos! I love crows, too!