I recently completed the last of these three name plates; made using wood pieces as pictured above. You may recall these from last year's 'Make Five' project. Bill had them in a box of stuff in his workshop, so I've been putting them to use!

1. Back side of name plate for Jami. It's difficult to see, but the little gate swings open to reveal a bunny rabbit. Jami has an adorable bunny named 'Chloe', which explains the theme here.
Stare at the plaque for a few seconds, and you'll see the platinum-colored rabbit.
Materials used: vitreous tile, stained glass, glass gems, brooch, & ball chain .
Below, is the front of Jami's name plate.
Materials used: micro-mosaic tiles, pink stained glass, agate slices and Scrabble letters.

2. Lisa's name plate. Lisa likes blue, and had requested the irridescent glass, because she liked the look of it. (Made using irridescent stained glass, large glass gem, bling, and letters made from shells.
Back side also includes decorative tile).

3. Jeff is a train enthusiast, & has a Harley, so these are featured in his name plate. His name is written in the smoke from the locomotive.
Materials are vitreous glass, stained glass and small black beads.

In addition to glass tiles, back side includes wooden letters, a motorcycle, and tiny mille flowers.

I currently have two works-in-progress, so hope to be able to post the completed pieces soon.


bp said...

Oh I love seeing these Susan! They are very creative. I look forward to seeing the other ones when they are done.

Susan B said...

The name plates are so cute Susan! You did a really nice job on them. Each one must take a long time to make. It's a very creative process. Thank you for sharing! :)

k. templeton said...

These are great! It was a reminder I need to get on with making my five...

Anonymous said...

Your nameplates turned out so cute, I just had to send you a little "You go, girl." Though sometimes difficult for me to picture in my mind what you're working on even when you give me a detailed description, when I actually see the finished project, it's almost like getting to the end of the last chapter of a good book! It all comes clear--a big Ah Hah! Great job! I expect nothing less, knowing you. :)

susansspace said...

Thank you so much, Bethany, Susan, Kate & 'Anonymous' for your encouraging comments! These were alot of fun to make!

'Anonymous'.....hmmmm....could this be Toni, perhaps?
S: }