JUNE 13th

Famous People Born
on June 13th

Winfield Scott - U.S. General
Heinrich Hoffman - German Painter
William Butler Yeats - Irish Writer
Etienne Gilson - French Philosopher
Basil Rathbone - English Actor
John Forbes Nash, Jr. - Am. Mathmetician
Christo - Bulgarian Artist
William B. ('Bill') Beserock - American
   Engineer, Woodworker, Philatelist,
   Bible Teacher, Super great Husband,
   Dad, Grandad, Friend, etc.
   (the list goes on and on.....)

Happy, Happy Birthday, Bill!!!


Jami said...

Happy Birthday Dad!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to the world's greatest dad! Glad you had a fun day. Hope you like your new chair!


Lisa (&Jeff)

bp said...

Hope he had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Loved the shots on facebook. Can hardly believe how far Bill's come in the few short months of this year. Great to see you're enjoying your bike and your kids! Looking forward to a continued blessed year for you both. Oh--a belated Happy Birthday to you, guy!!!! Can't wait to see you again. xxxooo Toni