For those of you who aren't on Facebook, here's what our yard looks like this week.
9" of snow...even more than we had last week & the week before. It's quite unusual for us to have more than an inch or two.
I think it's a beautiful sight, but our friends, who have indoor pets aren't so happy about having to take their pets out for a walk with all this snow & ice.

Wishes for everyone, but especially for you, Jami!! S: )

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bp said...

Just beautiful! We just had a few flurries. I hope we get a big snowfall sometime here this winter!

Stay warm!

(I had to turn up the volume on the music, Canon in D played as my bridesmaids walked in at our wedding!)

susansspace said...

Thanks, Bethany!
I think almost all states got at least a little snow (except Florida). Hope you get enough to enjoy!
I've always loved Canon in D. Glad it has a special meaning for you!

Abounding Treasures said...

It IS very beautiful ~ I love snow, especially when I don't have to drive anywhere :o)

Blessings ...