We're back at home now, after spending last week in Florida. (Most of the week at Cocoa Beach). I've been busy sorting sea shells, so thought I'd share the results with you.
Left picture below shows a group of Jingle shells (also sometimes called 'Mermaid's Toenails'). Picture on right is a large group of beautiful, irridescent Pen shells.

Isn't this a gorgeous array of Florida beach shells? Most of these were collected by my cousin, Toni, on S. Fla. beaches. The two groups of small shells & the little crab shell shown at the top of the photo below are from Cocoa Beach, collected by Justin, Jeff & Bill.

Last year, we found quite a few perfectly intact cockle shells, but this year, not the first one. I've had fun sorting these, & am in the process of planning a shell mosaic (or two, or three).

There are tons of seagulls & small brownish-black birds at the beach, but I was a little surprised to look out & see a crow perched on our balcony railing! (Do you suppose our pet crow followed us here from NC??) These photos came out pretty good, considering they were taken from inside our room, through sliding glass doors.
Even with the scruffy tail feathers, he's a beautiful silhouette against the blue ocean & sky!
He returned again & again when I put some pieces of bread on the railing.

Wings up for balance on the skinny railing, or ready for a fast getaway!

We always love spending time here. (Thanks, Lisa & Jeff!) It was breezy all week, and the weather was perfect!


susansspace said...

I forgot to add this to the post, but here's an interesting link about Florida seashells:

Anonymous said...

That's an impressive bunch of shells! You'd better get busy!