Ads you'll never see today.......

If you were putting together an ad for Wrigley's Spearmint gum, what are the chances you'd say, "I've got a great idea!

Let's feature a meatloaf shaped like a football'!"....?

Not exactly Levi's finest hour!

Well, if there's one thing that really whets my appetite, it's the thought of pancake batter spreading over a puddle of
bacon grease!

Does this say beer?
Oh dear, oh dear!

At least this one was honest!

No matter what your size or color preference,
here's a telephone receiver for you!

No comment.


With apologies to Alphonse Mucha!!

'Ah' inspiring?

Oh, look! BeeGees in a box!

Mothers, hide the kids!
This one's not for prime time!


Anonymous said...

Toooo funny!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Susan!
Most advertisers are not thinking! As a matter of fact neither were the people who "thought" these products up.

k. templeton said...

where did you find these ads? the beer one was my favorite. i was trying to picture that in any of the parenting magazines i look at. what were they thinking?????

susansspace said...

Yeah, M. & Dallas....kinda wild, huh?

Hi, Kate! I think I came across these awhile back on the Fox News page, over in one of the margins.
There were alot more that I didn't use, but these seemed the most interesting. S: )