This has been a very busy summer, so far. We've had a month of grandkids...with each one taking their turn separately.
First, Alan (& Amber);
then Amanda (& Matt), &,
for the past two weeks, Justin.

It has been alot of fun!

While Justin was here, he & my husband, Bill, took a lapidary class & learned how to cut gems. Here are a couple of pictures of Justin at work..............

Well, make that one picture of Justin at work, and one showing that Justin's learned so much, he doesn't even have to watch what he's doing! (LOL)

And here is the finished product...
a beautiful blue quartz stone.....

Now, it's time to take Justin back home, because he has a camp to attend next week.

While in Florida, I plan to stay a few days visiting my mother & sister (& family).
There's no computer at my mother's, so I won't be able to post or stop by your blog until we return.



Susan B said...

Hi Susan,
How wonderful to have a visit from your grandchildren. I'm sure you've made some lovely memories together! The blue quartz is so pretty.

Have a wonderful time in Florida visiting family! See you when you get back. xo

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Justin! That gem is gorgeous!!