My daughter, Jami, and husband, Bill, recently returned from a two-week trip to Hungary & Slovakia. It was her 2nd trip, and his 4th.
Here are some pictures from their trip:

View of Budapest:

Here are Jami & Julika in the courtyard. This is where they stayed while in Budapest. Julika is the mother of Jami's Hungarian teacher. She doesn't speak English, so Jami's 2+ years of studying the Hungarian language really came in handy!

This was taken inside a downtown Budapest cathedral:

The rest of the pictures were taken in Slovakia, where they visited relatives.

A street festival was going on one evening in Velke Kapusany:

Monika (a cousin), had her picture taken with some of the festival musicians.

This is Jami with two of the festival participants:

Milan and Bill making Kolbasi. This is a staple food that you'll find included in some way at almost all Hungarian meals....yes, even breakfast!

Bill was really wishing he could've brought some home with him. This is enough to last at least a week, or two.......

Jami with two other cousins, Kaitlin and Adela.

What's for dinner?
Cabbage soup (a favorite!) is in the pot on the left; the front pot is potatoes boiling, and frying in the skillet is chicken breast (pounded, and fixed similar to chicken cordon bleu).

Here's a closeup of the cabbage soup....

Dinnertime at Adela's. L to R: Elizabeth, Kaitlin, Jani, Jami, Matthew and Milan.

Bill and Jami, and the red (Russian) car that Matthew chauffeured them around in.

Most of the people live in huge apartments with no yard, so they rent garden space if they want to grow vegetables, etc. This is Bill showing off one of these spaces outside Velke Kapusany, Slovakia....

They had a wonderful time. Jami got in alot of practice acting as interpreter, because only one of the family members speaks any English. I think they were so impressed that she cared enough to learn their language.

Thank you to all of our family members in Slovakia, & to Julika in Hungary, for your kind hospitality. Jami & Bill said you really treated them like royalty!

God bless!

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Anonymous said...

Oh My What Wonderful Photos . Jami Looks So Nice In All Of Them . What A Trip They Must Of Had . The Family Looks LIke They Are Happy To Have Them Too . Thanks For Sharing . Mary