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For three days they thought they had made it. His quiet, unbroken strength (Almighty meekness) fanned their fury as they stood watching the heavy nails pierce His hands and feet, when the Roman soldiers secured Him to His cross. He was taking into His heart the very sin that motivated this. Their hearts and minds were blinded by that sin. The same dark, inner drive which prodded the first man and woman toward the forbidden tree to satisfy their desire to know as much as God knew. In the heart of each man who plotted His death, there twisted the tormentor whom God hated. He did not hate these murderers, He hated the disease that had made them murderers. As the God-Man hung above them, praying for them, He loved them with the kind of love that could have healed them on the spot!

"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." (Luke 23:34).

Down from His cross poured redemptive love in quantity enough for the whole human race.
Enough for you.
Enough for me.
Far from decreasing because of our behavior against Him, it seemed rather to increase. The same situation still exists today and will exist as long as the earth stands.

--Eugenia Price


Marsha said...

This was beautiful, Susan! Thanks for sharing the song and the writings of Eugena Price. Have a blessed Easter.

Susan B said...

That was beautiful Susan. Have a wonderful Easter!

bp said...

I've never heard that song. Thanks for sharing, it is very touching. God bless you this Easter.