The blooms have now come and gone on our three tulip trees, but fortunately, we were able to enjoy them until they fell off on their late freezing temperatures to turn them brown overnight, as usually happens.

The wisteria hasn't bloomed for the past two or three years, due to late frost, so it has been so exciting to look out and see these beautiful blossoms once again!

This is the tree beside the pond. We have others, as well as many climbing vines, but their blooms are more scattered.

What are some spring flowers you have enjoyed around your house?


bp said...

I love these pictures!
We have wildflowers along the highways, I love the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes.
I noticed last week I guess that my neighbor's rose bush had roses and then noticed some on mine too.

Anonymous said...

This Wisteria Is Beautiful . Makes The Whole Neighborhood Smell Good . This Year Was Spectacular For all The Blooming Flowers .Just Can't Believe Easter Was Over Before The Dogwoods Came out . M

Redeemed By His Love said...

Those blooms are beautiful, Susan.
Hope you are doing well.

susansspace said...

Thank you, Bethany, Mary & Miriam! I'm afraid the rain is going to finish off some of the wisteria blooms, but I will enjoy it until the very last hint of lavender color is gone!