We've had company over the weekend. What a great time we had driving through the mountains. They picked the perfect time to come up from Florida, as the colors here are about at their peak.
In fact, we were enjoying ourselves so much that we thought only once to take pictures. Here they are:
This particular area was just outside of Franklin, NC.

Susan & Toni

Johnny & Toni

Susan , Bill & Toni

We stopped to check out all of the quaint little shops in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia, and also took a trip over to Mercier's Apple Orchard Shop. It's very popular (especially this time of year), & we could hardly find a parking place. They grow & sell every type of apple imaginable, as well as jellies, jams, pies, breads, etc.
Toni and Johnny are two of our favorite people. The weekend went by much too fast, though, and now they're on their way back to Florida.


bp said...

Glad you enjoyed your company! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Susan B said...

How fun to have company! Looks like you had a good time together. Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the wonderful time. It's always a pleasure spending time with you and Bill. We think of you as extra special friends. What a delightful coincidence that you happen to be family, too. The pics are great, but I don't think any photo can accurately depict the magic of the season's kaleidoscope of colors, do you? I don't remember ever seeing such a spectacular array of colors, making this trip an extra special one. Thanks again you two. xxoo Toni