Here are a few pictures from our yard:
We've had rain all week, so the flowers are a little 'beat down' from the rain. The first is one bush of numerous azaleas currently in bloom. I only snapped this one, but we also have white, light pink, and lavender.

I had not heard of wild azaleas until we moved here to North Carolina. We did not plant them; some were here when we bought the property. Now, they are scattered throughout our yard. They aren't bushes, but trees, and are loaded with rich apricot-colored blossoms.

This is a lavender hybrid rhododendron. Each flower cluster looks like a bouquet of azaleas. We also have many bushes of wild rhododendrons growing all along the sides of our creek, but these won't be in bloom until next month.

Closeup of rosy-pink hybrid rhododendron:
Now, if I can just get the chipmunks to co-operate, I'll post some pictures of the cute little munchkins in the next few days.

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Susan B said...

The pictures are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!