Forty-five years ago, I attended a friend's
Valentine's Day wedding with my boyfriend, Bill.
As we walked out of the church after the ceremony,
someone (I can't even recall who) stopped us & said
"You're next!"
As it turned out, that person was right!
A few short months later, Bill & I were married
in that very same church.
So you can see that the 'Wedding Bell Blues' song playing
isn't really apropos.
I just like the song, because it's about a guy named Bill.

To quote a line from another 'Bill' song
(from Showboat):
'I love him because he's wonderful,
Because he's just my Bill.'

A very special
to my sweet hubby, Bill...
my forever valentine!

Here's a few more neat old Valentines.....

Hi, sweet little Miss Caylie!
This one's for you!

Here's an old mechanical valentine.

Notice the pacifier pinned to her dress.

A fancy, layered handmade Valentine.

And last, but not least.......
(This was given to me by daughter, Jami,
who scopes out any and all chipmunk cards)
I wish you all a
LOVE-ly Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

From one love to another.

Love you very much.

bp said...

What a sweet post! I am going to write a post this week about my valentine. Hope your Sunday has been blessed.