Here we have a picture of a Black Bear
(Ursus americanus)

Photo courtesy of the U. S Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)

The Black Bear uses its sharp, curved claws
to scrape insects and grubs out of logs.
He is the only kind of bear that lives in North Carolina.
He's a shy animal, but many people do not know that.
He's often mischaracterized as a fierce carnivore
in books and movies, but is really an omnivore,
eating mostly plants, insects, and some meat.
While they vary in color, most black bears
are black with a brown muzzle.
Each of their feet has five toes with sharp, curved claws.
They use their claws to feed on insects and grubs in logs.
The black bear also apparently likes black sunflower seeds
and peanuts!
At least the one that tore into our back porch did!
We didn't get a look at him, because he came during the night
(two nights in a row, in fact!).
He ripped the screen on one end of the porch to come in,
and went out the other end, in the same way.
The picture below is of a part of our back yard and potting shed.
Notice round logs which the bear tossed to and fro.
The coffee can on the ground had been on the porch full of
sunflower seeds for the birds and chipmunks.

Here's the torn screen where he came in:

There's a glare from the sun, so it's
hard to see that the cloth on the picnic table
is all frumpled up.The can that was full of
peanuts is empty on the floor, and the floor is
littered with wet chewed peanut shells.
He must've sat here on the floor gobbling up those
peanuts and spitting out the shells. The rascal!

Oh yes, and he left some souvenirs in the yard..........
We have black bears wandering through our area now and then.
They seldom get this brave, though.
Needless to say, we've brought all of the bird feeders
and seed cans in for tonight.


Marsha said...

Oh Susan! I'm sorry! Well, double I'm sorry! I'm sitting here with a smile on my face and chuckling, too. Crazy bear. What a night of excitement y'all had. He must've come late 'cause you're a night owl. They're just now coming out of hybernation aren't they? So he's really hungry.

I'm just glad he didn't decide to come in and clean out the frig!

bp said...

Uh oh! When I saw the first picture I thought you were only sharing some information about black bears. I just can't imagine that happening at my house! I have seen a skunk in our backyard but that's about all!

Susan B said...

Wow, a bear in your yard! He made a bit of a mess didn't he? I'm glad he didn't decide to try to get into your house, and everyone is okay. Nice of him to leave some souvenirs in the yard!

Charlene Smith said...

Susan, enjoyed looking at your blog! Guess you and Bill need to keep your shot gun handy in cast the bears come back! (just to scare them away) Have fun with your grandson next week- hope you get your bear damage repaired without too much head ache!