~Grace E Easley

Lord thank You for another day,
Within this life of mine
Give me the strength to live it well,
Whatever I may find.

Bestow from Your abundance,
Whatever I may lack
To use the hours wisely,
For I cannot have them back.

Lord thank you for another day,
In which to make amends
For little slights or petty words,
Inflicted on my friends.

For sometimes losing patience,
With problems that I find,
For seeing faults in other lives,
But not the ones in mine.

Lord thank You for another chance,
In which to try to be
A little more deserving
Of the gifts You've given me.

Sunlight and Shadow
by Winslow Homer


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem!
Wish I had a hammock. That looks like such a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Hopefully when it's cooler. It's still so hot here right now.

Susan B said...

Hi Susan,
What a beautiful poem of thankfulness. Thank you for sharing it. I really like your new fall look. I am looking forward to fall! :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Susan, that was a beautiful poem.
Thank you for sharing it.
Have a wonderful weekend,

kate templeton said...

Thank you for sharing this poem/prayer. I love your new title picture. As much as I don't like winter, I'm sure looking forward to the coolness of Fall.