Here's Chase before his new haircut.....

And (Boo-hoo!, Sniff, sniff!) afterward....

What can I say, HE loves it!! At least he'll be cooler for Florida's hot weather!


Totally unaffected by the whole thing is his big sister, Caylie....
(showing off her jewelry & her pretty nails!)
Aren't these two of the cutest kids you've ever seen?

S: )


Jami said...

It doesn't even look like him after the haircut. Caylie looks like about 15!!

susansspace said...

I agree, on both counts!
I feel like Alan did when Dad cut up the meat off his drumstick that time, & he said, "Put it back!"
Oh well, at least Chase's pretty hair will grow back!

Susan B said...

Your grandchildren are very cute!! :) I've been meaing to ask you how your husband is doing Susan. Hope things are going well for him.

susansspace said...

Hi, Susan,
These cuties are my grand niece & nephew (2 of my sister's grandchildren). Aren't they adorable?
Bill is doing great, & driving again! Thanks for asking! S: )

Anonymous said...

Yes, he will be cooler in FL. Since he is fair-haired and has a close cut, make sure they rub sunscreen on his head, too.
I am sure you enjoy your grandkids so much!