I'm afraid my few bloggy friends have given up on me, but this break was unscheduled.
On Friday, Feb. 25th, my husband underwent emergency open-heart surgery in Atlanta. A real shocker for both of us, as his only symptoms had been shortness of breath & a painful 'crink in his neck'. (No history of heart trouble at all!) Our alert GP sent him right away to a cardiologist, who scheduled a heart cath. We were anticipating a possible stent; maybe even two.
As it turned out, his main artery was 90% blocked right up against his heart (a scary sight on the x-ray, to say the least!), & he needed a triple bi-pass also. They inserted a balloon thingy in his leg to help take the stress off his heart until he was on the operating table, & removed veins from both calves.
I won't go into the gruesome, but amazing specifics of open-heart surgery, but I shiver everytime I think of it! (Dallas, you can probably relate!)

Every heart surgery patient receives one of these special pillows
to hold onto in case you have to cough.
It was designed by Dr. David Dean, of Piedmont Heart Institute 
(Bill's surgeon).

Let's just say that I've told Bill if I ever need to have this done, SHOOT ME! S: (

It's now been 2 1/2 weeks, & his progress to date has been phenonomal!
We have God to thank! Healing is a slow process, but everyday, he notices a slight improvement.
Family & friends have been SUCH a tremendous help! A special thanks to our daughter, Lisa, who left at 4am & drove from Florida by herself to spend 3 days helping me navigate that big hospital, &  to just 'be there'!
 Jami, Toni & Johnny offered to come too, & we thank you for your willingness & for your love & prayers!
Thanks to all of you who came to the hospital, or by the house later, called, sent cards, emails, etc., etc. The list is long...I can't begin to name everyone here, but you know who you are, & you are much appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Susan ,
How Wonderful It Is To See Bill Sitting There In The Chair . He Came So Close To Not ..... Well.

Thank The Lord For All Of His Wonderful Blessings . I Pray That Bill WIll Continue To Improve Every Day .

Thanks For Sharing Your Photos and Experience . I Know For You and All Your Friends Around You This Has Sure Been A Wake Up Call .


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention Matt and I (Amanda) coming up!!! :( haha just kidding! I'm glad grandad is doing so much better! :D love you both.

-Amanda Chisholm

k. templeton said...

I'm so glad to hear that Bill is recovering so quickly. He looks great in the picture you posted! Please tell him we said hello and looking forward to seeing him back at church.
Much love,

Lisa said...

Dad is looking good! I printed a few copies of the picture, one for at home and one for work. We are all glad he is healing well.


Abounding Treasures said...


Yes, I can relate and I have 2 of those red, heart-shaped pillows :o)

What a close call your DH had and how thankful you must both be for his very alert Dr who sent him to the specialist right away!!

Praise the Lord that Bill is recovering from this miraculous surgery and gaining strength every day.

By the way, if you ever need it, the Lord will help you through it so don't worry :o)

Blessings to both of you at this good news!

susansspace said...

Thank you, Mary, Amanda, Kate, Lisa & Dallas!

Grandad & I both are so touched that you & Matt gave up part of your college Spring Break to spend some time with us! You were so helpful & thoughtful! Hope next time you come, we can all go out to eat together!
Alan's been such a big help this week chauffeuring, working in the yard, tuning up the 'bike', & he even cooked some blackened tilapia for he & grandad tonight!

Kate, Thank you & Pav, & Michael & Dana for sitting there with me in the waiting room Friday evening & Saturday morning! It was a great comfort having you there!

Dallas, I forgot you had to have TWO open-heart surgeries. One for the artificial pump, & again for the heart transplant! I went back & re-read your amazing story on your blog!

bp said...

So glad he is recovering. I had thought about you and wondered if you were okay. I thought maybe you were traveling.

Seeing the picture of the cut made me think of my Peepaw's open heart surgery. I asked for him to ask the dr. to save me the staples when he had them removed and the dr. did! I probably still have them somewhere in a baggy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Susan B said...

Dear Susan,
I am so sorry to hear about your husband's surgery, but so thankful to hear he is doing well...and for that very alert doctor! What a scare that was for both of you. I'm glad your family was able to be with you and help you out during this time. Take care...I will be praying for you and Bill as he goes through recovery. God bless...

Jami said...

I finally had 5 free minutes to post a comment before starting back to work. Glad Dad is doing good and wish I could be there. May try to come up for a few days after my trip to Virginia. Hope everything keeps on the right track. Just keep me updated.


susansspace said...

Thanks, Bethany! Interesting that you saved your grandfather's staples!
Bill has no staples, however. The chest bones are wired together & the incision is held with new skin glue. Doesn't sound too safe, but apparently, it holds.

Your thoughts & prayers are appreciated!

That'd be great, if it works out for you. We may try to make a trip to Fla. the end of April...not sure yet. Dad's not supposed to do any driving at least until then.