This is the last week for filling those shoeboxes & dropping them off
at the drop-off location nearest you!
It will give you such joy & blessing to be a part of this wonderful mission effort.
The gifts inside the box are so special to these children from all parts of the world, but learning of the love of Jesus far surpasses the simple gifts.
Be sure to remember to pray for the child who will receive the box (or boxes) you are filling!

National Collection Week is

November 15-22
Click here to learn how to pack a shoe box, to find your closest collection point, information about how to track your box through EZ Give, and more.


bp said...

That is such a cute graphic at the top of your blog!

We have our boxes ready...except one of our shoebxoes needs to be wrapped (the other i used a plastic box with attached lid). And our paper is in storage! Guess I'll buy another roll!

susansspace said...

Hi, Bethany!
I'll bet Caleb had fun filling those boxes!

It's got to be really tough having most of your stuff in storage!
Hope the moving situation resolves soon!