The cute ceramic basket below was a gift from (& painted by) our daughter Jami.

This still life of corn, pumpkins and squash was painted by my uncle, Ralph Howell.

The last pic below is of a corner of the Deacon bench on our front porch. When my hubby went out to take a picture, he spied a woodthrush sitting there taking a 'time out' (which means he had bumped into our picture window, & was catching his breath on the bench below). After a few minutes, he was fine, and flew away. Notice also the muddy little footprints on the bench left there the night before by a curious animal investigating the ears of corn. There's always some type of critter activity around our house. LOL
Hope you all are enjoying this fall season!
I'll be taking a break from blogging for awhile,
but hope to return soon.


bp said...

Looks like fall to me!! I love pumpkins and scarecrows.

Abounding Treasures said...

Love your autumn home decorations!

Enjoy your little blog *break* :o)