Here are three logs we have tied together in the bird feeding area near our garage.
Notice the pileated woodpecker on the ground looking them over.........

A little later in the day, we looked out and noticed this pile of sawdust.
Uh-oh! Bad Boy!!

The next day, he was back pecking away for more worms. Do you suppose he's wondering if the ceramic squirrel on the log might be a threat?
The giant hole you see is even bigger now. He's pecked away about half of two of the logs. Here, one of the chipmunks (on the tallest log) is staring him down.
In spite of the mess he's made, I think woodpeckers are such fascinating birds!
He'll probably be back again tomorrow. Looks like we need to go looking for some log replacements! S: )

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Susan B said...

Oh my goodness, he made quite a big hole and mess didn't he? Thanks for sharing the photos.