My hubby surprised me recently with this new fantastic Keurig coffeemaker.

It brews single-cup coffee in less than a minute, & there are so many different brands of K-cups available....not only in coffee, but also tea or hot chocolate. Of course, my main love is the coffee. One of my favorites is shown below (Extra Bold Dark Magic). Now, that's a real cup of coffee!

Come on over, & I'll let you choose which flavor you want to try. S: )


Abounding Treasures said...

What a delightful gift!

Since I'm not a coffee drinker, do you think I could have a cup of tea if I come over? :o)

susansspace said...

Hi, Dallas! You betcha! And cookies too, if you like! S: )

Susan B said...

What a sweet surprise...and a nice coffeemaker! I like coffe, and tea...and cookies sound yummy. :o)

bp said...

I saw these on sale around Christmas, it seems they are very popular. My mil has one similar, not sure if it's this brand.

Anonymous said...

AHHHH! One Can Only Dream Of A Hubby Who Does Such Sweet Surprises ........ Enjoy Your New
Coffee Pot . Mary

susansspace said...

Yes, it was a sweet surprise! I wish you all were here to help me enjoy it! S: )

Deborah said...

I just bought one too about 2 weeks ago!
Oh my..I am loving it too!
So quick, and no mess!
Im a decaf drinker, but Im enjoying my decaf hazelnut coffee, and hot chocolate so far! Im wanting to try the white hot chocolate and the decaf french vanilla!!
What a treat!!

Deborah :)
Your blog is lovely!