Have you started writing your Christmas letter (or cards) yet?
Or do you procrastinate like I do, then rush, rush, rush?
Many have given up this tradition altogether citing the cost of postage,
just too busy, etc., etc....but, oh no! my cards WILL go out (eventually)!

Victorian Lady Writing a Letter
Gilian Marklew
Postcard from early 1900's
by C. V. Dwiggins (Dwig)


bp said...

I worked on addressing the cards last week and wrote in some of them. I do a Christmas letter too and it is partway done. On my to do list :)

susansspace said...

Good for you, Bethany! Sounds like you are an organized lady! You really keep up with your blog, too!
I've gotten so lazy, lately!

Marsha said...

I bought my cards and I still have my paper for a letter from last year because it didn't get done. oops!