Instead of posting today,
I'm referring you to a wonderful blog called
'Counting Your Blessings'.
Polly has a beautiful post entitled
'Harvesting Blessings'
that you're sure to enjoy.

Just click on the link below:


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bp said...

Thank you for the link, I'll check it out. I like the fall graphic here too. I never think about putting those on my posts till I see them on someone elses.

Also, we're going to get our shoe box ready this weekend I think! I told Caleb when I got the little form where you mark the age and boy/girl, that we went up to the next age category this year. I always do it for the same age as him!

susansspace said...

Filling a box for the same age child as Caleb is such a thoughtful idea! I'm sure it helps him really feel a part of the whole process!
God bless!