MARCH 17th


I'm just a little American girl
I can't do the Irish lilt
I can't even dance the Highland Fling
Though I'd try if I had a kilt.
My gown is green my hair is red
But my folks are American born and bred
And I'm bringing you in my American way
Greetings for St. Patrick's Day!

It just wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without a touching rendition of
'O Danny Boy', so sit back and enjoy...
Oboy, oboy!......
(Please mute Playlist first)


Susan B said...

Happy St Patrick's Day, Susan! I don't own any green clothes, but I do have a shamrock pin I wear. I also have a sweatshirt that says "I love Ireland" on it. I love the Muppet rendition of "O Danny Boy." Too cute! Have a wonderful day!

Susan B said...

Hi, me again. I just noticed the song "Time in a Bottle" on your playlist. William and I loved Jim Croce, and this song was one of "our" songs!! It's so beautiful! Thank you for bringing back some good memories!

susansspace said...

The only thing really green I have is a silk blouse, & that would've looked kinda silly to wear around the house, so I ended up wearing dark green sweats & T-shirt.
Yes, I love this song by Jim Croce! You & William chose a good one for 'your song'!
S: )