There's just no end to the talent
you'll find here in North Carolina!
(With apologies to Dolly Parton,
who wrote & recorded this song)


BP said...

You were right! Caleb liked it!!

Marsha said...

Too funny!

BUT...Celen Dion is the one who immortalized Dolly's song. (I know I misspelled her name. Huked on foniks werked fer me!)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it was Whitney Houston. : )

Marsha said...

My bad. You are correct.

Marsha said...

Hi Sue!
I saw your comment on BP's blog about changing your blog when your daughter comes.

The backgrounds that she and I are using are SO SIMPLE!! Really. You added the calendar on your sidebar. It's the same thing with this blog site for getting backgrounds. You copy the code of the one you want. Go to your area where you arrange your blog and add gadgets. Click on the same one that you used to add the calendar, paste the code, save and voila!! You have a new background. Nothing else needs to change. You can do it!